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                  Heavy Oil Recovery Services

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                  Rich in heavy oil and heavy thick oil, Xinjiang Oilfield also has the characteristics of high sulphur and high salt content; the company provides mining operation services, including a series of services such as the dosing of heavy oil dispersion drag reduction agent, demulsification, joint station water treatment and oil transportation to enhance the oil recovery.

                  The company provides the development scheme of the heavy oil, determine the type of process, provides corresponding reagents, equipment and technical support, provides comprehensive technical services and supports, including demulsification, gathering and  transportation and the reinjection water, for the produced heavy oil, and maintain Well's daily operations. The chemicals involved are as follows: heavy oil dispersion drag reduction agent, oil well paraffin agent, heavy oil demulsifier, reverse demulsifier, flocculating agents for the reinjection water of the oilfield and corrosion inhibitor.


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