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                  Products for whole process of water treatment

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                  Water treatment chemicals

                  Inorganic flocculant, organic flocculant, adsorbent, dirt dispersion agent, corrosion inhibitor, germicide and algicide, inorganic chemical cleaning agent, organic chemical cleaning agent, pretreatment filming agent, inorganic ion exchange agent, organic ion exchange agent, dewatering agent, reverse osmosis scale inhibitor, decolorizer, desulfurizer, water deoxidant, antifoaming agent, sludge stripping agent.


                  Bio-energizer, biological nutrient, biological reactive phosphorus, biological antidote, deoil bacteria agent, ammonia nitrogen removal bacteria agent, general bacteria agent for chemicals, desulfurization bacteria agent

                  Environmental protection equipment

                  Wastewater treatment and reuse equipment, filtration equipment, ultrafiltration equipment, reverse osmosis equipment, integrated sewage treatment unit, automatic online dosing plant, exhaust gas treatment unit, air floating equipment, aerator, sludge dewatering equipment, sterilizing equipment, pumps and valves, etc.


                  New special membranes, hollow fiber membranes, ultrafiltration membranes, Nano-filtration membranes, tubular membranes, hydrophobic membranes, special membranes for healthy drinking water, reverse osmosis membranes, etc..

                  New water treatment material

                  Filtering materials, packing, professional pipelines.

                  Monitoring instruments

                  Laboratory equipment for testing and analysis of water quality, online testing and monitoring instruments, portable monitoring and analysis equipment, oil and gas analysis and testing equipment.


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